Of America


This strict lady with a burning torch and a tablet is a symbol not only of New York, but of the whole of America. Created in France, the Statue of Liberty has taken root very well on its island near Manhattan. 

All tourists without exception are photographed against its background, traditionally becoming in the pose with an outstretched arm that has become known throughout the world.


In addition to Manhattan, the city of New York includes 4 more urban districts, which were united into one city in 1898. Prior to this name, New York (formerly New Amsterdam) referred only to Manhattan. Therefore, sometimes the names New York or City are used as a synonym for Manhattan.

Borough Manhattan and New York County (English County of New York) occupy the same territory, but in official use the name of the county prevails (see City Government and Counties). For example, mailing addresses in borough are written as "New York, New York", where the first is an indication of the city, the second is the state (for example, mailing addresses for Staten Island are indicated as "Richmond, New York").

The above homonymy can lead to ambiguity, especially if we take into account the same name of the city and state in which it is located; sometimes the meaning of the word New York can only be determined from the context. For example, most Russian Americans call the entire city New York and Borough Manhattan. In classical literature and among people who preserve the traditions of the 19th century, as well as in the speech of residents of the city of Manhattan, the words New York or City often mean Manhattan. For clarity, the State of New York is referred to as New York State, and the city is referred to as New York City.