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Mount Rushmore

Yes, yes, this is the very mountain on which the portraits of the four most famous presidents of the United States are carved: Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. 

This otherwise unremarkable mountain is located in South Dakota, near the city of Keyston. The height of this bas-relief is 18.6 meters, so the presidents are visible from afar.


With the Mount Rushmore Project, Borglum wanted to create something great in honor of these four presidents. But, in addition, he wanted to remind of those lofty ideals that each of them brought to the United States of America. As he himself said, these people were chosen because "their names are associated with the founding, growth, preservation and development of the United States of America."

Thus, George Washington was chosen because he, according to Borglum, led the nation to democracy, Thomas Jefferson - because he created the Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln - because he ended slavery in the United States, and Theodore Roosevelt, who was chosen by Borglum himself - because he contributed to the construction of the Panama Canal, as well as the protection of the state and business.

The entire area of ​​Mount Rushmore National Memorial is more than 517 hectares and is managed by the US National Park Service. The memorial attracts about 2 million visitors annually.

The head of Theodore Roosevelt is deeper than the rest of the presidents, since the explosion chipped off too much rock mass. It took Gutson Borglum more than 14 years and about 400 workers to carve the heads of four presidents. To get to the top of the monument, workers had to climb 506 steps [1].